What is Download Free Data Recovery Software and How It’s Used

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Sometimes misfortune knocks on your doorstep, and your phone or hard disk crashes. You stand to lose massive amounts of data previously saved on your device. However, all is not lost. You can try to recover your data using download data recovery software. This is available online for free or at a price.

There are two main types of data recovery: logical data recovery and physical data recovery. Their main distinction is how the data loss occurred.

Types of data recovery

Logical data recovery is the recovery of data caused by non-mechanical issues. Mechanical issues could be system crashes, formatting, or irregular ejection of storage media. This sort of recovery uses only software, and you can even do it in the comfort of your house.

Physical data recovery is the recovery of data lost due to physical degradation of the storage media. Physical degradation could be water damage, fire, electrical issues, or poor handling. For this type, you will need a professional with specialized equipment in sterile conditions.

What to look for in free data recovery software

The first line of defense is to try to recover your data using the native tools in your computer. For Windows, there is the File History, and for Mac OS, there is Time Machine. If these fail to deliver a satisfactory result, you can cast your eye further afield.

As you search for the ideal free data software, keep in mind the compatibility of the software with your current setup. Mac OS software will be useless to you if you are on the Windows platform and vice versa. Also, ensure that it recovers the widest variety of files, be they images, video, or text files.

Before you download any free data recovery software, look for user reviews online, specifically a company with a long history. Amrev Technologies, for example, has been a leading developer of data recovery since 2011. And finally, make sure the software has strong customer care and support personnel ready to help whenever you need assistance.