Buying Real Estate in North Lake Tahoe

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Even in a real estate market that is more challenging than it has ever been, Lake Tahoe homes are selling like hotcakes to investors around the world. Property in the area is popular with potential homeowners and investors alike, because the area is beautiful, the activities are plentiful, and it holds a majestic beauty that is unmatched. Lake Tahoe is popular with tourists, so the local economy has thrived when others in Nevada have totally bombed. With real estate listings being twice what they were a few years ago, buyers are able to snap up great deals for prime rates. Average home prices in the area have dipped slightly from what they were before the economic bust of 2008, so buyers definitely have the advantage in the market. A North Lake Tahoe Real Estate agent will be able to help you find the property of your dreams.

Lake Tahoe Homes Sale for Unbeatable Prices

For the luxurious style of living that Lake Tahoe offers, you just can’t beat the home prices. Since it is a resort area most people would think that prices would be extremely high, but the average home price in the area is only around $450,000. If you compare that to other resort areas across the United States, you would find that the home prices in Lake Tahoe are much more affordable. With the country charm, gorgeous mountain ranges, clear blue skies and marvelous landscapes that the area offers, you can’t beat $450.000. Since buyers have such a high amount of leverage with so many houses being on the market, they are able to get the real estate for rock bottom prices. This is fantastic for the local economy, because it means that people will have lower mortgage payments to where they will have more money to spend locally since they won’t be spending so much on their homes.

There Are Plenty of Activities for All Ages and Tastes in Lake Tahoe

As long as inventory stays on the high side, buyers will continue to enjoy great prices on Lake Tahoe homes. Residents of the area will never lack for things to do, and they will be living the high-life in an area that is packed full of amenities. Whether you want a state of the art convention center, or boutique shops galore to spend your day on a shopping extravaganza, you will find it in Lake Tahoe. There are plenty of places for entertainment as well, so you will never suffer from boredom. With nearly 200,000 tourists per year flowing through the area, local establishments have to offer great things to keep tourists happy. This means that things will always be lively for residents that reside in the area.
Century 21 Tahoe North Realtors offer North Lake Tahoe real estate services to anyone interested in purchasing a home in the area. They have extensive knowledge in the local real estate market.