Various materials used for pool decks

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For many years, the choice of a pool deck surface was limited to poured concrete, but this is rapidly changing. Concrete cracking and difficult repair is making a full concrete deck something of the past.

Pool decks are now often made from individual brick pavers in Sarasota FL and hardwoods. New pool installations are using small, almost invisible gutters around the pool, so being able to install the deck and leave room for the overflow is also a main consideration.

Modern pool decks are concerned with:

* A resistance to heat and excess moisture

* Easy on the feet

* Do not become slippery when wet

The types of pool decks that are commonly found today are:

Concrete: Although poured full surround slabs are becoming a thing of the past they are still being used where cost is a consideration. The concrete can be dyed many different colors and stamped designs are common but regardless; they tend to crack when the ground around the pool shifts.

Unglazed tiles: These are large tiles, usually sourced from Mexico. They are also known as quarry tile, and they have a cool, slip proof finish considered by many to be the practical solution.

Pavers: Individual brick pavers in Sarasota FL are becoming very popular. They are individually cast from concrete or concrete with various additives. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and when put together, can produce a very attractive design around the pool. They are reasonably priced and as they are individual bricks, they move as the ground moves, but they do not crack.

Stone: Large flagstones can be laid on a prepared bed of sand or aggregate. The color range is wide, and they are cool to the touch, but as there is a lot of labor involved in both harvesting the stone and laying it, the installation is expensive.

Wood: With the arrival of exotic hardwood such as ipa, the use of wood as a decking material is growing. The look and feel of wood are a drawing card for many people, but the maintenance is high if you want to keep the original uniformity and color.

Brick: With the introduction of pavers, which have a smoother surface and beveled edges, brick is rarely used anymore. It still finds favor for people installing a pool in the garden of a historic house, where brick is a highly used architectural façade. Bricks used for this purpose must be selected for their smooth surface.

Rubber: A product which is often seen below playground equipment is a rubber compound. It can and is being used as a pool surround, it has high resistance to UV, is easy to clean and slip resistant and soft should you fall around the pool.

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