Buying Real Estate Requires a Real Estate Lawyer to Assist

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While there are mixed opinions on the need for a real estate lawyer, it is highly likely that anyone buying property would feel much safer with a real estate lawyer looking over the transaction. The following are conditions which would require a Real Estate Lawyer in Mahopac NY to assist with the purchase:

* Is the property a short sale or owned by a bank?

* Is the property part of an estate sale?

* Is it commercial property?

* Could the property have some structural issues?

* Is the property in a problem area where floods have occurred or areas with negative conditions such as tornado prone, radon, toxicity levels from abandoned factories nearby?

* Has the state or the EPA expressed concerns about the safety of the property?

* Is the ground stable?

* If the property has a well, has the water been tested regularly?

* What is the heating source?

* Has the property ever been condemned or had a lien placed on it?

* Has the home been tested for black mold?

* Has the roof been thoroughly inspected?

* Has the seller completed a disclosure document?

* Who owns the mineral rights?

Some of these questions are more relevant than others, but if you have any questions about your pending purchase which your real estate agent cannot properly address, you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Mahopac NY to safeguard your rights as a buyer. You may not need an attorney to obtain test results, but an attorney should incorporate the results into an agreement to purchase. This protects the buyer against fraudulent data. The question regarding the structural issues needs to be viewed from the position of a structural engineer’s opinion. If this evaluation has not been obtained, then language needs to be incorporated into the purchase agreement stating that the seller assumes responsibility for the absence of structural issues.

Short sales or bank owned property will be sold with as little responsibility placed on the seller as can be arranged. An attorney needs to draft language protecting the buyer from any problems with the property. The purchase of a property may be the buyer’s problem forever if the property has problems which surface after the purchase and are of a serious in nature. Click Here if you have any further questions or to learn more information.