Things to Know When You Need a Root Canal

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Many people a root canal despite having routine dental treatment and good oral hygiene. A root canal is in the lower part of your tooth. If you have an obsessed tooth, decayed tooth or cracked tooth, you may require a root canal. You will often experience a constant and consistent pain in your tooth that eventually will not go away. When this occurs it is in you should seek the attention of a dentist. In many New Rochelle, NY, dental offices, a root canal is a common procedure. Since this is such a common procedure there are many misconceptions surrounding root canal’s. It can prevent people from getting the care that they need. If you don’t want to be in pain any longer than you need to, here are some things you should know about root canal’s before visiting the dentist.

A Root Canal Procedure Is Not Painful

Far too often people come into a New Rochelle, NY, dental office for a root canal and are afraid to receive the necessary service. They have been told that a root canal is going to be a painful procedure. This is not true and a responsible dentist will put the patients mind at ease by explaining exactly how the root canal procedure is performed. With all the technology available today, it is easier than ever to perform a painless procedure effecting your teeth. A root canal pulls out the infected bacteria thus eliminating the pain. This is not a painful procedure as many people tend to believe.

Don’t Have Your Tooth Pulled

Some patients have been told that it would be easier and less painful to have their tooth pulled. This is not a good solution to having a root canal. If a tooth is pulled you may no longer be able to eat the things you used to. It is always in your best interest to try to keep your own teeth. A good New Rochelle, NY, dentist wouldn’t recommend pulling your tooth in lieu of a root canal. If a dentist suggest pulling your tooth, inquire about a root canal as an alternative. Talk to your dentist openly and honestly about your concerns.

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