Can a Prophet Really Foretell the Future?

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Prophets can indeed predict the future. If you take a look at the Old Testament, you will clearly see that every prophet in the bible first came to light as a foreteller to the people. A prophet feeds off of the relationship that they have with god, to be able to see what the future holds. A prophet has amazing seeing abilities, and they have great insight as to what God wants the people to know. They act as his messengers, to spread his gospel word. Just because a prophet can see into the future, it does not necessarily mean that whatever they see will relate to the present in any way.

Revealing the Future through God

God is the one that reveals the future to his prophets. He does this to give people hope of better times to come, and to give warnings so that people can believe in him before judgment day comes. His prophets will give direction to people, give free online bible commentary to those that want it, and they will act as a visionary to show people what God has in store. When prophets see the future, they aren’t concerned with menial stuff that people want to know such as how many children they will have, who they will marry, or where they will go on vacation next year. They are seeing into the future to provide people with the guidance that they need in life to live more wholesome and spiritual lives. They will enable people to know what their true purpose is according to the word of God.

The Noticeable Difference between a Fortune Teller and a Prophet

While fortune tellers and prophets can similarly predict the future, their approaches are different and they do not have the same motivation. A prophet will give a reading just because he chooses to follow and please God to spread the faith based words that god has to offer to the general public. He expects no rewards or personal gain for his actions. A fortune teller is motivated by money, fame, and power, so people will always be expected to pay for their services. They will tell you about all of the menial things in life, rather than important things such as your life direction, purpose, and other things that are vital to your well-being both spiritually and emotionally.

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