Pest Control in Edmond, OK Will Eliminate Any Invading Critter

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The variety of creatures that can take up residence in our homes should keep us on the lookout for these invaders that can do damage to your home, your furniture, and your land. Some are not so much of a problem if they stay away from the home, but they can be a real problem when they decide they want to live in your home. These unwanted critters can make a mess in the home and even eat part of the home.

Critters must be eliminated and their entrance way blocked. A pest control expert should examine the home to find where they have made their hide-away and eliminate this opportunity for continued residence. You may know what kind of critter is living with you, but you may not know how many or where. The usual house-loving critters are: rats, squirrels, raccoons, possums, and bats. Not the kind of neighbors you want to keep around. However, you don’t have to. Critter Control of Oklahoma City will help you determine whether critters are living with you.

The pest control in Edmond, OK can get rid of any creature, and you can be assured that the critters will be found and removed. If they left a mess like possums do, then the pest control expert will clean it up and replace the insulation or any other part of the home that their occupancy resulted in damage.

Besides making poor neighbors, these critters carry diseases that can cause a health hazard to the residents. Rats are one of the carriers of the worst diseases. The Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is one of the most deadly disease carried by rats. Humans contact HPS by breathing the airborne waste products such as urine and droppings. Once these waste products become airborne, and they always will, people breath the virus and it attacks the lungs. There is no known cure. Salmonella is a threat to anyone who comes in contact with it but it is not fatal except in immunocompromised persons. Eosinophilic Meningitis is a disease so vile that it should not even be described. Many of the illnesses are contracted by rat droppings and urine and not by direct contact with a rat.

The pest control in Edmond, OK should conduct an annual inspection of your home to be sure that no dangerous critters living there. It could be a deadly sin not to.