Can I Arrange Flower Delivery From Charleston, WV To My Daughter In Paris, France?

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Although flower delivery companies like Florists’ Telegraph Delivery (FTD) were offering same day delivery service for flowers across the US from as far back as 1910; it was not until 1965 that FTD went international by extending their cooperative networks overseas (under the name of Florists’ Transworld Delivery). Today the overseas networks of FTD and their competitors are well established and it is as easy to arrange flower delivery from Charleston, WV to an address in Paris as it would be if your daughter still lived in Charleston.

Reliable Cooperation

Although the likes of FTD are run as profit making corporations; the root of their success lies in the hands of the individual florists that form their worldwide network. When you visit a florist to pick up or arrange for flower delivery within Charleston, WV; you probably go to a shop with a good local reputation; probably one that has its own nurseries and grows the flowers that they sell. They will also have expert flower arrangers on their staff; giving you the choice of a simple bunch of blooming stems or an intricate mix of flowers in a suitable arrangement; either way, you get to see what you are buying.

However, when what you are buying is the subject of a flower delivery from Charleston, WV to a place that is a long way away; how do you know that the florist in Paris will have the same selection of flowers that you are looking at in Charleston; let alone the ability to construct the arrangement that you want?

Plus An Element Of Trust

The logos on display in the florist’s shop in Charleston will inform you which network(s) they are in partnership with and they should be able to advise which one they consider to be the best for a delivery in Paris. They should also be able to show you pictures of the French arrangements available from their partner; a good sign of their system’s reliability would be, for the Charleston florist, to be able to provide advice on which flowers are currently at their best in the Paris area. Your daughter may be receiving different flowers in a different arrangement from those that you would have chosen for a flower delivery in Charleston, WV itself; but, you should be confident that she will get identical quality and service.

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