Car Accident Lawyer in PA – Tips for Negotiating Insurance Claims

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Personal Injury

Car accidents can occur at any time because of someone being negligent. When a driver is in an auto accident, he wants to settle the claim as soon as possible. An experienced Car accident lawyer in PA can help with determining how to proceed with claiming injury and vehicle damages.

The other driver may have caused the accident, but you will have to settle the claims with the insurance company. For this reason, you want to gather certain information while at the scene of the wreck. The information should include the contact information for the driver, the other driver’s insurance information, name of law enforcement officers at the scene and contact information for witnesses at the accident.

Most people carry cellphones and you should use them to take photographs of the scene. Drivers should take pictures of the locations of the vehicles, the license plates of both vehicles and the areas of physical damage of the vehicle. If you want to settle a claim within a short timeframe, then you need to understand that the insurance company will require a lot of information from you. Drivers have to understand that the insurance company is not on their side. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and they lose money by paying out claims. The main goal of the adjuster is to try to get the accident victim to agree to a low settlement amount.

The insurance company may try different tactics when negotiating with the accident victim, such as getting the claimant to agree he is partially the blame. If the company can get the claimant to take blame, then the adjuster will try to get you to agree to a reduced amount on the claim. It is important to provide sufficient documents to support your loss because the insurance adjuster might try to get you to pay for half of the damages.

Most insurance adjusters prefer to negotiate with personal injury victims instead of a lawyer. Personal injury victims are not as familiar with laws and may be more willing to settle for any amount offered by the insurance company. An experienced Car accident lawyer in PA understands the legal system and looks out for the best interest of their clients.


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