Cesspool Basics to be Aware Of

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Cesspool Basics to be Aware Of

If you have a cesspool, you will require inspection and maintenance. This usually includes cesspool pumping. In Suffolk County, this is a required element of all cesspool and septic tank maintenance and upkeep. The timing of cesspool maintenance and any other requirements to ensure the system is operating at its best will vary according to the cesspool. If the owner wishes to keep well within the regulations it is important that he or she understand some basic cesspool facts.

The Very Basics

If you have a cesspool, the very least you need to know is its location. Before you purchase a property that has one located on it, make sure the owner shows you where it is located. Make certain you mark it clearly off on a map or otherwise clearly note its position for your memory. If for some reason you do not know where it sits on your property, contact a cesspool pumping and maintenance service. They may have serviced it before. If not, the company will have the means through which to locate it.

Make sure you area also clearly aware of other important characteristics of your cesspool. You need to know:

  1. The size – This helps to determine the capacity as well as the need for maintenance

  2. Septic Tank – Does the cesspool work in conjunction with a septic tank or is it a stand-alone? If it is a stand-alone system, it will require more frequent maintenance and inspection than if it is part of an integrated septic tank-cesspool system

  3. The materials – different compositions reflect the age of the cesspool and will clearly indicate how frequently it will require maintenance. It is possible that replacement may be needed sooner than you had thought in order to ensure fewer problems

  4. The capacity – you have to know how much waste water the cesspool can contain.

  5. The cleaning schedule under the previous owners or, if a new cesspool, the recommended time between cesspool pumping and other maintenance chores. If you are uncertain, talk to a professional. It is also best to get in touch with the local Department of Health to see what official regulations require of you

  6. How many people will use it – this definitely will affect the amount of times cesspool pumping will be required

Cesspool Pumping and Other Maintenance

If you have a cesspool, pumping is a given. You also need to inspect it at least semi-annually. Be proactive and learn how to recognize signs the system is failing. Before this occurs, make sure you have established a solid relationship with a cesspool service. If you live on Long Island, make sure you also know the required procedure and regulations for cesspool pumping in Suffolk County as established by the Department of Health. If you are in possession of all the facts and regulations affecting the construction, operation and maintenance of a cesspool, it will make it easier for you and your family to enjoy it without the occurrence of a serious incidence.