Control Erosion and Create a Beautiful Yard with Retaining Walls in Davenport IA

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Not every property is blessed with being perfectly flat and level. When a property sits on a hillside, water running off during storms can cause erosion and allow water to get too close to the foundation of the building. A sloping yard can also make it difficult to create a level area for a patio, pool or walkways. Any of these problems can be taken care of with retaining walls in Davenport IA that also improve the appearance of the property at the same time.

Even those that do have flat properties often want to add more visual interest to their yards. This can be done by creating different levels for planting that helps to break up the yard into beautiful and useful areas. By working with a landscape design expert, you can create a space that offers all you want from your property. This could include a patio, pool or other types of water features, with attractive and easy to maintain landscaping around them. It could mean the design and planting of a low-water use garden for those who don’t want to have to use precious water in order to have a lovely yard.

When building retaining walls in Davenport IA, they can use bricks, flagstones, retaining wall blocks or interlocking pavers. All of these are effective and attractive, along with being easy to work into the design of patios, pool surrounds or other features you may want in your yard. Having raised areas that are created by these retaining walls can allow for meandering walkways or create a private space within an open yard. Plants, shrubs and trees can be planted at different heights, protecting the property from water runoff and making for an outdoor space that looks great all year long.

When the designs are done by working with realistic digital imaging programs, you will be able to see exactly what the finished work will look like. When you choose Greenspace Associates to work with, you can be sure that the entire process will be done to perfection. From the initial design, through the preparation, building and planting, to the clean-up at the end of the project, everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction.