Enjoy E-Cigarettes Anywhere, Any Time

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As more and more areas in the United States are becoming smoke-free, including restaurants, bars, shopping centers, office buildings, and even outdoor areas like parks and beaches, it is becoming more and more difficult for smokers to find a place to light up. Now there are products available that allow smokers to be able to indulge in their habit without bothering anyone who doesn’t smoke. Electronic cigarettes give smokers the sensation of actually smoking. But, they use vapor, so there is no actual smoke or odor to annoy others. They can be used anyplace, even in areas where smoking is not allowed.

There are many benefits to using E-Cigarettes, with the most obvious being health. Smoking is dangerous and incredibly unhealthy due to the chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes made with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have none of these chemicals, and are considered by many to be a healthier alternative to smoking. They are available with or without nicotine. The vaporizer turns the nicotine into a mist that tastes like smoke. Keep in mind that they are not approved by the FDA as being healthier, or as being a good smoking cessation aid.

Many people are switching to e-cigs because they are able to save money. There is an initial investment of the kit that includes the e-cig, batteries, and starter cartridges, available from The Vaporium. Traditional cigarettes cost upwards of $5 per pack, depending on the state. One e-cig cartridge is about the same as one to one and a half packs of cigarettes, and a pack of five cartridges is available for under $15-20. Instead of spending over $25 for five packs, one is getting the equivalent for much less.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, there is no smell associated with electronic cigarettes. Hair and clothing won’t smell like smoke, and there is no dangerous second hand smoke.

While users are still using nicotine, because it is a vapor, instead of smoke there are simply tiny water molecules going into the air. While most places do allow people to use them, it is still best to ask for permission before doing so, just to be on the safe side.

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