Choose a Wilmington, DE Masonry Contractor with Experience in Pavers, Veneers, and Retaining Walls

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Upgrading your home exterior with beautiful and long lasting stone pavers, stone veneers, or other masonry work will not only improve the look of your home but add tremendous curb appeal and value when you get ready to sell. Unlike poured concrete for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, or detailing around patios and pools, stone pavers are more durable for the extreme weather changes of your outdoor environment. Because pavers are laid in a floating type condition, this application makes them more adaptable to water, weather, and traffic. Poured concrete is prone to cracking, causing expensive repairs to keep it looking beautiful and safe for traffic. Pavers do not experience these same types of deterioration because of their flexibility with the changes of conditions. Your Wilmington, DE masonry contractors will be able to explain the benefits and cost-saving applications available to you.

Stone veneer finishes to your home, garage, or other exterior surfaces not only upgrade the look of your home but also provide additional protection against weather elements. Typically, stone is used for the more luxurious homes because of the aesthetic appeal and durability of the material. It is also very heavy and expensive to install. When you choose a stone veneer, you are getting both the look and the benefit of stone without the high-end cost. Stone veneer is actually a man-made material designed to look like stone. It is more readily available in many colors, textures, and styles that exceed natural stone choices and applications.

Your local masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE will be able to answer all your questions about using pavers and stone veneers, but don’t stop there. When you are upgrading the walkways, paths, or patio and changing the look of your home to a luxurious one with stone veneer, also consider the benefits to your outdoor environment through your yard and garden renovation. Adding short retaining walls defines the look of your garden and accentuates walkways. Retaining walls that help to guide plantings and control the flow of water off your property or away from walkways increases the beauty of your outdoor environment while decreasing expensive maintenance and repairs.