Talk To Your Plumber In Poway CA For Water Heater Replacement Times

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The typical old styles of tank water heater have a relatively short life, about 12 years, but there are some that manage to keep on going for year and years beyond what is typical or what is expected. In most situations, including with Poway CA water heater lifespans, the type of routine maintenance, the type of heater, the fuel source and even the conditions around the water heater can impact how long it keeps working.

The Good News

If your current Poway CA water heater has been well maintained, routinely drained or flushed and serviced there is typically no reason to replace it unless it starts to show signs of age. Typical signs of potential problems include pinging and banging noises on the heat cycle, a lower total volume of hot water at the taps, leaks around the bottom of the tank or sediment within the tank that comes out with the water.

Sediment issues and flushing or draining the tank is particularly important if you are using well water that may contain much more sediment than city water. However, this again depends on several different factors.

Get It Checked

The best bet is to have your Poway CA water heater checked by a professional plumber that is familiar with the brand, type and style of water heater that you currently have installed.

If the heater is working simply put in a regular service or inspection call to your plumber and provide all the information about your current Poway CA water heater that you have. This should include the make and model, which will be on the heater on metal plaque, or it will be located on the bill for the unit if you made the purchase and held on to the paperwork. By letting the plumbers know in advance you can determine if they know your system.

After an inspection of your current Poway CA water heater the plumber can give you an idea of any possible issues with the heater. You can also discuss options for replacement that allows you to plan for the day when it does finally just stop working. You may also want to consider making the transition to a newer, more energy efficient model even if it is still operational.

We can inspect and maintain your current Poway CA water heater and provide you with information on model options. For more information or to schedule an appointment see us at Website Domain.