Need the Grass Mowed? Lawn Maintenance Companies in Minden, LA can Mow It

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Hot and humid summers can make working outside a challenge. Many homeowners want a beautiful lush lawn but can’t work the long hours outside to achieve their dream landscape. Lawn Maintenance Companies McLean VA can step in and give their yard the rich green lawn that they desire. While many homeowners prefer to schedule their mowing service, others need an fast trim when they find out that out-of-town relatives are coming unexpectedly. One call to the Earthworks Lawn & Tree can schedule an emergency mowing appointment for that day.

New homeowners can be overwhelmed by the task of installing landscape around a new home. Professional landscapers can design an overall plan for their approval. In addition to recommending the proper grass seed and sod for the local climate conditions, they can locate flower beds, trees and walkways. Homeowners may even want to add water features such as fountains or ponds. Beginning with a plan ensures that the lawn won’t have to be disturbed to plant needed shade trees.

Older homeowners who have always enjoyed working in their yard, may find that they are no longer able to do all of the work themselves. Joining forces with the Lawn Maintenance Companies Minden LA allows them to let professional landscapers prepare and maintain the lawn, while they focus on the tasks that they enjoy such as pick out annuals for the flower beds. Landscapers arrive with large mowing machines that can quickly tackle the largest yards. They have bag attachments that capture the grass cuttings so there is no need for raking up afterwards. If the homeowner prefers a certain grass pattern, the company will be pleased to accommodate them by mowing in the correct direction.

An untended yard is a signal to burglars that the homeowner isn’t present. Whether it’s an extended vacation or a needed stay in a rehabilitation center after knee surgery, the homeowner’s absence should be disguised. Having the grass mowed on a regular basis keeps thieves from knowing that there is no one home. The Premier Turf Farms is a locally-owned and veteran-owned business that has been providing landscaping services since 2000. Absent homeowners can trust them and their employees to care for their lawn without active supervision, while they are away.