Choosing a Contractor for Well Drilling in Brick, NJ

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Drilling a well on your land should be an uncomplicated process when you choose a contractor who has years of experience in drilling variety of well sizes and types. There are several questions you should ask before you hire someone to drill on your property.

Licensing and Professional Associations

Your drilling contractor should be licensed in the state of New Jersey. If you choose a contractor who is licensed in well drilling as well as irrigation and well pump, they will be able to help you with other needs when they arise. It is always easier for the company that drilled your well to provide service than to hire a new contractor that is not familiar with the work.

When you use a contractor for Well Drilling in Brick, NJ that is part of the Irrigation Association of New Jersey, you can rest assured that they are aware of the latest advances in the industry and are committed to water conservation. If you want an efficient water system for your home, look for a contractor who belongs to this organization.


Look for a company that has been in business for several years. The longer they have been drilling wells, the more likely it is that they have experience drilling a well similar to the one you need. An experience contractor may have also drilled some of your neighbors’ wells. If they have already worked in your area, Well Drilling in Brick, NJ on your property may be faster and easier.


A company with a local office is part of your community. They have an interest in your project going well and may take extra steps to ensure you are satisfied with their work. While national companies sometimes offer lower prices, local companies usually provide superior customer service. Before hiring a national well drilling company, ask your neighbors or coworkers for a recommendation.

Business Name has been in business since 1985, providing well drilling, irrigation and sump pump services to residents of Brick and all over New Jersey. They have completed a wide variety of public and private projects, including schools, hospitals, churches, retailers and condominiums.