Your Driving Licence and your Caravan

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It is of paramount importance that you have correct driving licence for the caravan you intend to buy. If you passed your test before January 1st 1997, there should be no real issues with the vehicle you intend to tow, provided the total combination of vehicles is less than 8,250kg. If you have passed your test since January 1st 1997 then you are limited to a total combination of vehicles which cannot exceed 3500kg. There are of course caveats which should be discussed with the sales team

Whether you are towing a Caravan For Sale in Ashford or in John “O” Groats, the crucial factor is the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of the caravan. This mass must be lighter than the mass of your car when it is completely empty. Your driving licence should indicate the type of vehicles you are allowed to tow.

Towing a Caravan

A further crucial variable you need to factor into your purchase is the “85%” number. This tells you how much weight your car can physically tow. The calculation is simple you multiply the kerb weight of your car by 85 and then check this number with the maximum allowed in your vehicle specifications. Once again this will need to be discussed in detail with the sales team.

Once you have the correct figure, you must consider the “Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass” (MTPLM). It is theoretically possible to tow 100% of your vehicles kerb-weight, within both the 85% parameter and the MAM on your driver’s licence. It is recommended that whatever you choose that you get used to towing your new caravan, especially if you are planning a trip from Ashford to say Penzance.

Driving Your Caravan

The best advice is to take more care when you are towing. So, you accelerate more slowly and brake much earlier than normally. You need to ensure that when you turn a corner that your caravan does not connect with the kerb and you will probably need to invest in an extension mirror, which are illegal when you are not towing your caravan. It goes without saying that passengers, including animals, must never be carried in the caravan when it is on the road. Finally, the registration number must be clearly visible.

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