Choosing Units for Portable Toilet Rental in Long Beach CA

When planning a big project or event, it’s easy to forget about basic things. The desire to pay attention to details like major equipment, decor, and getting all of the right staff in place in the right time, can cause these things to overshadow elements that are much more down-to-earth. One such element is the basic question of where everyone is going to go to the bathroom.

Big event halls and sporting arenas are fitted with plenty of permanently-installed bathrooms and the necessary plumbing, but this is not the case for things like outdoor concerts. It’s also not an option on construction sites, where the permanent bathrooms haven’t even been built yet. Those who host wedding or graduation parties at home have bathrooms, but who wants a hundred or more people tramping through the house? In all of these scenarios, the clear solution is to sign up for portable toilet rental in Long Beach CA.

There is a range of levels available for portable toilets. The most basic, commonly found on construction sites or in small parks, simply has a toilet enclosed in a privacy box that’s made of fiberglass or some type of thick plastic. These units have no lighting or sinks. Upgrading one step can make a sink or light available, while yet another step up provides both. At the top end of the spectrum of portable toilet rental in Long Beach CA, you can get trailer-mounted units with multiple stalls per enclosure. These also have sinks and lights.

Choosing a unit type is easy if you consider its intended location and the time of day it’ll be used. A unit for use during construction or similar work only needs the basic toilet. This type of work doesn’t take place at night, so there’s no need for a light. A hose can be used for hand washing if it is desired.

Events, on the other hand, often need a bit more functionality. Outdoor concerts, for example, often run into the night. Lit units will be needed in these cases. A wedding party can be quite fancy, so guests will expect the whole works: Toilet, good lighting, and sinks. Go for the multi-stall unit for this type of event. It includes all three portable bathroom basics.

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