When to Hire a Surveying Company in Austin

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Any property that you own is a financial investment that can increase in worth over time. While it is easy to determine what buildings a person may own, it can be trickier to identify property lines, as they do not normally have clear indicators of their location. A surveying company in Austin can help you determine where your property lines lie and install markers to help you determine their position after they are finished with their work. While it is not a common service that property owners need, the following are the three most common times a professional surveyor can help you. If you are attempting any of these activities, let them make your work easier to complete.

Selling or Purchasing of Property – Whenever you are attempting to purchase or sell property, the new owners will want a way to determine where their property line falls. A survey company can complete this in as little as one day and provide ribbons or posts so the new owner will be able to visually see how much property they are getting from the real estate transaction. This can make your land more appealing to buyers and easier to sell.

Building Additions to your Property – If you want to add buildings to your property, you should have a clear understanding of how your land lies before you begin construction. This will prevent you from constructing something that is on someone else’s property Don’t conduct any type of work on your land until you have a Surveying Company in Austin that can help you know exactly where you should build.

Land Ownership Disputes – If you have a large portion of land that you are trying to divide between several individuals, you should have a survey company line off the allotted amounts so there is no dispute over who owns what portion of land. They will then record this information on the legal deed that is registered with your county offices so there is a proof of ownership that can be used should future legal issues arise.

Don’t take land ownership lightly, as doing so could lead to encroachment and a whole slew of other legal issues. Make sure you contact Baker-Aicklen and Associates to help you determine your property lines. Visit the website or call them today to see how you can benefit by having a licensed surveyor mark your property lines.