Keep Yourself Cool With Air Conditioning Repair in Centreville, VA

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The weather in Centreville, VA can sometimes get a bit muggy or even downright hot and the only way to relieve the problem is with a bit of comfort from a reliable air conditioning appliance. Unfortunately, your A/C system can fail when you need it the most because many people forget to have them properly maintained. When this happens to most folks they tend to think it’s time to replace the system, but you can often extend the life of your A/C with air conditioning repair in Centreville, VA. In many cases it is far less expensive than a new air conditioning system.

An air conditioner is a complex appliance which consists of two major units. One is the interior cabinet that houses a blower fan and the evaporator coil and in many cases it also houses the furnace for the home. You may also find that the thermostat is either mounted on or close to this cabinet. The other part of the system is the external condenser which generally sits outside the home although some large buildings may place this unit on a roof.

Most Air conditioning repair in Centreville, VA, will be concerned with the condenser which often deals with a lot of stress. For instance, it must cycle on and off as the thermostat changes the cooling requirements. If this cycling isn’t shut off properly the condenser can overload and will usually freeze the system or simply lock up. Other major repairs are usually in the various electronics that control the automation of the appliance. The regular cycling of the system can sometimes stress electronics causing them to fail before their time.

Some of the minor air conditioning repairs include simple things like charging the refrigerant or checking the fans on the system. Another is cleaning the A/C, although for many people this is considered as routine maintenance. Perhaps the most important repair is the testing and replacement of a faulty thermostat. This little control center can easily cause the whole system to fail or even to operate erratically. If your air conditioning appliance is failing then you should contact an expert such as Woody’s Sudden Service.