Civil Litigation with an Auto Accident Attorney Los Angeles

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If you have been involved in an accident and suffered a number of injuries this is the time to obtain justice for yourself. The damages to your car and body are certainly to create a great deal of emotional, physical and financial loss. By taking the time to consult win an auto accident attorney Los Angeles area you can learn how to begin civil litigation.

Civil litigation will involve the steps in a lawsuit. Civil refers to a legal dispute which begins between two or more people and turns into a lawsuit. Litigation occurs when the case is being investigated and working toward determining the winner. The plaintiff and defendant are referred to as the litigants during this action and the attorney for each party is the litigator.

Filing the Lawsuit

Civil litigation will begin as soon as the lawsuit is filed with the court. The plaintiff will file the legal action and must provide the details of the accident. The charges and allegations made by the plaintiff should be approved by the attorney. This will assist filing for a strong case.

The role of the plaintiff is to work to recovery financial losses or other damages from the defendant. The amount of money that is being sought should also be included when the lawsuit is being filed. The plaintiff should discuss this with the auto accident attorney in Los Angeles, as well.

The Defendant’s Response

The defendant must respond to the lawsuit within 30 days. This is required by law and the defendant is required to address all of the allegations made against him or her individually.

The Mediation

The bottom line is no one wants to be used, but accidents happen and people don’t always agree on who should pay for damages. The mediation will allow the plaintiff and the defendant involved in the dispute to work to settle it. This is required by the court to avoid the case proceeding to court and your auto accident attorney in Los Angeles will be present.

Finally, consider obtaining legal advice to assist you during the litigation process, because it is long and complex.