How To Use A Bondsman in Des Moines, IA

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Bail is the amount of money the judge has determined a defendant needs to pay to be released prior to their court date. Bail is like pledge money usually set as an agreement between the court and the defendant to ensure he or she will be their for their court date if the judge lets them out of jail.

If they do show up for their court date, the bail is refunded. Sometimes, the bail amount set is too high for the defendant to pay. This is where a bondsman Des Moines, IA comes in. A bondsman is like a loan officer who loans the bail amount to the person. The bondsman pays the court so the person can be released from jail.

The first type of bond is called a cash bond. It’s a bond in the form of cash or a money order. The second one is called property bond. This means property is used in place of the bond as collateral. The last type is called surety bond. This is when the defendant pays a percentage, most of the time it is 10 percent, of the bail to the bondsman. Then the bondsman in Des Moines, IA pays the total amount of the bail to the court. The bonds are provided based on the defendants’ agreement with the bondsman and the court that he or she will show up for the court date.

When the person shows up for court, the money is refunded to the bondsman. However if the person fails to show up, the court does not return the money and a bounty is sent out by the bails bondsman to hunt down the defendant. If you need a bondsman, there are plenty of them available near the courthouse.

You can ask family or friends if there is a certain bondsman to use. Some are better than others. You can have someone look up bondsmen in your area and read reviews about them. You can also find them offline in the yellow pages. Most bondsmen pretty much run their business the same. You promise to show up for your court date and they will pay the bail based on the terms. Make sure the bondsman is licensed and abiding by state laws. Some states don’t use bondsman because the court acts like the bondsman.