College Event Marketing Made Easy

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One of the most effective ways to market to college students, and anyone for that matter, is to provide something of value. While samples, contests and prizes are great ideas, execution of these events are critical for success. You must be able to connect with your target audience to get them interested in your product and contest. The best way to build interest is by bringing the audience to you through college event marketing.

What Is College Event Marketing?

In a very short summary, college event marketing includes hosting an event on or off a college campus that attracts students. This event allows you to interact with students and build brand awareness. This event helps your brand establish relationships with students and helps solidify your brand into the college mindset.

You can prominently display your company logo by placing signage in high-traffic locations. You can make targeted announcements throughout the event, reminding students of your brand. You can also pass out goodie bags containing company swag, coupons, and product samples to students as they enter and exit the venue. Don’t promote your brand using hard-sell tactics; instead communicate your message in a more subtle way. Take your brand front and center with college event marketing.

Most Popular Events

The interesting thing about college event marketing is that some types of marketing events have universal appeal, while others are more targeted. For example, if you host a college event with live music from local bands you will attract a very wide section of the student body. This is a great idea if your product or service is a general use type of product.

On the other hand, if you want to market to athletes and fans, let’s say your company sells sports equipment and sports gear, you may want to advertise before, during, and after a football or basketball game, as a more effective and specialized type of event.

Give them Something to Remember Your Company By

One of the best ways that you can provide ongoing branding after the college event marketing is over is by giving the students something of value. Think of this as a form of continual marketing. Think durable items branded with your company logo, such as backpacks, cell phone protectors, Frisbees, zip drives, bottle openers, key chains, hats, or t-shirts.

During college event marketing programs, plan to collect students’ contact info in a fun and engaging way. Obviously there needs to be some type of incentive for students to provide their information, such as a contest, coupon, or special offer upon completion. By having students’ contact info, you will have the ability to have ongoing communication with students. This allows you to engage in email and SMS marketing campaigns, extending the marketing reach beyond the event itself.

We have years of experience in designing and staging highly-successful college event marketing programs.