Tips to Help You Become a Great Jazz Vocalist

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5001069_lHave you ever considered joining the realm of Vocal Jazz Singers in LA, but are unsure of how you can get started? Are you interested in booking gigs and performing? If so, use the tips here to help you get started in this exciting career.

Become Familiar with Jazz Repertoire
The very best place to start familiarizing yourself with jazz repertoire. Generally, the songs that are in this genre are referred to as a Standard, rather than cover songs. In order to sing any jazz standard, it will take more than just singing along, as many people do with the cover versions. When you sing a standard it involves getting familiar with the story that is behind the words in the song and putting your own stamp on it through an interpretation.

Add the Popular Function Gig Songs to Your List
Once you have created a sizable repertoire, then you should try to include the songs that are going to be popular at various private events. The most obvious of these would be birthdays and weddings. These types of events are typically referred to as a function gig. Once you have gained some experience performing, or you have become familiar with the repertoire by being able to rehearse with a band or musician, then you will be able to recognize the most popular songs easily.

It is important to realize when you play a function gig, guests can ask for requests, which means that you may have to perform songs that are not your favorites. This is when looking at other jazz vocalists profiles can be beneficial to see how they interpret the song.

Seek Singing Lessons
It is a good idea to seek professional lessons if you are new to jazz singing. There are a number of places to seek these lessons such as community centers, local community colleges and even your local music store. This can help you build a solid foundation for your jazz singing career while you learn more about the jazz industry.

The fact is that becoming a jazz vocalist is not something that you can just decide you want to do one day. It takes raw, natural talent to put the emption in to the songs that is requires. However, if you have the drive and vocal ability, you can create an exciting and lucrative career as a jazz vocalist.

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