Colleges in Idaho

You are preparing for those final tests and final walk through the halls of your high school. The end of high school is just the beginning. As you fill out those college applications you are filled with a mix of emotions and a feeling of accomplishment. When choosing colleges Idaho take time to find the right school for you.

College Applications

Be honest when filling out applications for entrance for college. This is not about acceptance. This is about building a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are not accepted, it is not an indication of your performance but an indication that you and the school are not a good match. Each denial letter brings you closer to finding the perfect college for you. Your perfect match will help mold and guide you into the educated adult you desire to be.


You are embarking on a new journey. You are entering into adulthood. You are leaving the nest. College provides an extension to your family support system. When you choose the institution that fits your personality and passion, you will form a network of peers that share your same ideals. Find the school that will make you feel at home even when you are away from home.


You may be eager to travel the world and leave home. There are advantages to both staying close to home or traveling to one of the colleges Idaho, such as the beautiful, mountainous landscape. Staying close to home helps make the transition of leaving home easier. You have the comfort of knowing that loved ones are not too far away. Traveling out of state or a far distance to attend college is for the more fearless, independent student. You want to be thrown from the nest so that you can fully extend your wings. As you are challenged in courses at Northwest Nazarene University, you can take delight in traveling a short distance to ski resorts that you may have not been able to experience in the hot climates of your hometown. Choose the college that is the proximity that will enable you to flourish and grow best.

You are not just choosing a school. You are forming a relationship. Take time to select the college that will culminate a positive relationship.