How Cataracts Affect Your Vision And How They Are Treated

Blindness is a simple enough thing to understand. It can be simulated as easily as by wearing a blindfold, and it is not hard to imagine the kinds of challenges being without our sight would pose. Despite this, the way different people experience blindness varies. For instance, if a person is born blind, they may have little ability to understand concepts like color, light and dark, and more. Someone who becomes blind as an adult may be more aware of what they have lost. Fortunately for them, the cause of their blindness may be treatable. The most common cause of blindness in the world is reported to be cataracts. While this condition is generally treatable, it’s usually important to get treatment as soon as possible. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on Cataracts in Murfreesboro TN.

You see because light enters your eye through your pupil, and passes through both your cornea, and your lens, which refract the light so that it is focused properly. The light hits the retina, which is a layer of photosensitive cells in the inside wall of the eye. These cells react to the light and transmit the image to the optic nerve, which passes it to the brain. Assuming the light that entered the eye was focused properly and unimpeded on its journey from the pupil to the retina (among other factors), the brain gets a clear picture of what was seen. If the lens of the eye is cloudy, however, some light is blocked, and vision can be affected. In similar conditions in which floating masses in the vitreous humor (the fluid filling the main eye chamber) affect light passage, similar visual symptoms may occur. A business offering treatment for cataracts in Murfreesboro TN can likely tell you something about other ailments that are comparable to cataracts.

The natural lens of the eye, in the case of cataracts, can’t be repaired. Instead, a relatively simple surgery is performed in which the lens is removed. Once it is out, a synthetic replacement is inserted in its place. This replacement will be transparent, allowing normal light passage once again, and unimpaired vision in that regard. In 2006 this surgery was reported to be a success in about nine out of ten patients. A center for cataracts in Murfreesboro TN can likely perform this surgery as well.