Different Kinds of Contact Lenses

At a professional eye care facility ophthalmologists offer several
different types of contact lenses that will fit your needs. Contact lenses
from Detroit MI are extremely helpful for people who have vision problems
and don’t like glasses. Lenses are placed on the surface of the eye and
allow for people to see better on a daily basis as if they have perfect
vision. Contact lenses make it possible to not wear glasses which can
hinder your lifestyle. Contacts are also good for people who think that
they don’t look good in glasses. It gives them a chance they can even make
you feel more confident in the work-place. What are the different kinds of
contact lenses available?

Rigid Gas Permeable – These contacts lenses allow oxygen to
pass through the lenses and get to the eye. They work well for patients
who have trouble with other types of contact lenses.

Daily Wear Lenses – These contacts are used for some eye
problems and adhere easily to the eye. They do not dislodge easily and they
are very comfortable.

Planned Replacement – These contacts can be worn for several
days. They are usually changed on a specific schedule like every two
weeks. These lenses are taken out nightly. These lenses are very durable.

Contact Lens Care Is Important

Contact lenses do require regular cleaning. Cleaning can be performed by
letting the lenses soak in a saline solution that acts as a disinfectant.
Contact lenses also require regular eye appointments with your doctor. You
need to invest in a doctor that you trust and get along with because you
will be spending regular time with him or her. Contacts also require a
longer eye exam than glasses would because there are more things to test
when you are getting contacts.

The Eye Surgery Institute has all of the different kinds of contact lenses
in Detroit, MI to treat different eye problems. Trust the doctors to
correctly diagnose your eye problems and find the contact lenses that work
best for your lifestyle and your eyes!