Validate your Skills and Gain an Edge with Revit Certification

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Breaking into the architectural career pathway can be a fierce battle of skill between you and several other people. Whether you are a professional or a student looking to gain industry experience, being certified in Revit can show potential employers that you can back-up the skills mentioned on your resume. It may even give you an edge over your competition. Employers are looking for well-qualified and reputable professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to provide top quality work. In addition to a well-rounded resume and demo-reel or portfolio, an Autodesk certification shows you have the in-depth knowledge of complex programs that aid your graphic design.

Ranges of Autodesk Certification

Autodesk offers various certified levels for the Revit program depending on your unique needs. At the very basic level is the Certified User which demonstrates your grasp of basic knowledge and commitment to improving your skill. The Certified Professional level is for those who can overcome design challenges and use the multitude of program tools to their fullest. A Certified Specialist is one who has complete mastery of the program and can create solutions for extremely complex challenges over multiple Autodesk programs.

Training Centers and Exams

Once you have made the decision to take the exam, being prepared in advance can make a world of difference in the outcome. Finding a training center that can offer pre-exams and training programs should be your first step. Most programs are production based and allow students to gain the important Building Information Modeling experience they need. This is not only required for the final exam process, but it can help advance you above your peers when it comes to marketability.

Using the Revit Certification to your Advantage

Having a certification in an Autodesk program or suite tells your potential employers that you not only have experience in certain graphic design software but you can master it as well. It can almost be likened to having a diploma, and can be used for credibility and reputation. In a cut-throat market where multiple people apply for a single job opening, you should use every card in your hand – and a Revit certification could be your ace. While employers may not directly require a candidate have this in place, offering it to them as part of your total package shows them you are serious in the career path you have chosen. Ultimately, getting certified or not is your personal decision but it certainly won’t hurt if you do have something extra to place on your resume.

Autodesk offers various certified levels for the Revit program depending on your unique needs. For more information visit on