Common Air Conditioning Problems In Forest Park

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When the hot spells approach, there is no doubt that you need to get your AC working. If it is a new house, you will find the need to have an AC installed as the temperatures become uncomfortably high. However, if you already have an AC, this is the best time to have it checked for any malfunctions. If you are handy in the house, you may find it easy to check the AC on your own. Other people find it difficult to do it on their own and prefer hiring experts. Either way, the services of an Air Conditioning Forest Park technician are inevitable. This is because, should you find the AC faulty, you will need their repair services.

Here are some of the common areas that the technician will look for:

Dirty filters

It is common for the AC to collect dust and other particles on the filter. The dust tends to collect on the dust of the filters making it hard for it to operate properly. Depending on the amount of dust, the technician may consider replacing the whole duct-work or just the filters.


If you realize that there is no cool air in the house even though the AC is on, then the problem may be the refrigerant. A low refrigerant may be because leaks or other electrical faults. However, it is easy for Hammond Services Forest Park technicians to replace the refrigerant for you.


This is the part responsible for taking hot air inside and transferring it outside. Sometimes it may overheat making it hard for it to transfer air effectively. The expert will thus check the fan for any signs of damage and have it replaced immediately.

Frozen coil

Right after winter, the AC may fail as ice collects on the coils. Often, this problem will be caused by low refrigeration. Professional AC technicians Forest Park often advice homeowners to consider storing the AC during winter as they do not expect to use it for quite some time.

As the technician will advise you, most of the problems with our AC will be minimal if we regularly maintain it. Air Conditioning services Forest Park offer both installation and repair services. They have competent staff with rich knowledge in AC operations. Their services are cost effective too. You will find their AC services useful.