Why You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney Dale E. Anstine

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Law Services

Social security is supposed to pay retired workers or members of their families if a medical condition or disability prevents them from being able to continue working. Social Security Disability Attorney Dale E. Anstine help clients in every step of the disability claim process and helps to strengthen their claim so as to increases the likelihood of success. The legal process includes a lot of paperwork, hearings and possible appeals. For people who have a disability, following through on their claim can be very daunting due to health restrictions.

Although there is no legal requirement set by the courts for you to have a lawyer, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is experienced in matters of social security disability to help you through the process and to provide you with all the information you need. Lawyers evaluate your case for free and they also offer legal consultation and answer all the questions you may have concerning the claim process. Despite the merits of each case being different, there are various things that a social security disability attorney can help you out in general. The lawyer will help argue your case before the judge by giving convincing opening and closing statements that will strengthen your argument and oblige the judge to get your disability claims approved.

An experienced lawyer can also ensure the calculations on all your benefits are accurate for a fair claim settlement by the social security administrators. Due to disability and old age, clients may not be able to attend all hearings or be attentive to all the details of the case, which is why a Social Security Disability Attorney Dale E. Anstine should be brought in to handle all aspects of the hearing. A disability attorney is very resourceful in helping you fill out your disability forms and file for your initial claim correctly. In case of an appeal, the lawyer can look for doctors to testify in your favor so as to strengthen your claim, and supplement your claim with records. The lawyer will represent you in court, and address any issues that may arise during the hearing including offering objections and answering questions.


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