Common Mistakes Made By Wedding Photographers

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Weddings

Many photographers make mistakes and it doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional or not-these mistakes occur now and then and many cases you will notice that your assistant makes these mistakes. Some of the mistakes are very obvious and you`ll find that even professionals and highly experience photographers find themselves doing these mistakes.

Basically, taking the best wedding photographs requires that you have passion for it, and you`ll find that even photographers with little experience capture some of the best photographs anyone can ever imagine. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when taking wedding photographs.

  • Shooting photographs over the shoulder

Shooting over the shoulder creates duplicate images, which gives you a more difficult task of filtering and editing the images. It is important that you find a different angle, and although you may miss some interesting opportunities to capture pictures, avoid shooting over the shoulder.

Some of the best photographs in wedding come from the secondary angle with an interesting foreground and a unique perspective.  If you are new in the field, your primary objective shouldn’t be to take as many pictures as possible so that you can build your portfolio. Make a portfolio with pictures that anyone can admire.

  • Lack of confidence

Even if it`s your first wedding to take pictures, carry yourself as if you have been doing this for the past 30 years. Be confident and socialize with people around because you actually have to go to some clients before you take pictures.

In some cases, you will require to tell them to take a pose so that you can take a good picture. Do not eat or drink before asking the lead photographer and ensure that you dress appropriately.

  • The ISOs

Ensure that the ISOs are below 1000. Basically, the ISOs should be 200 or below during the day and maintain between 400-640 ISOs during the night. This depends on your camera and it`s important that you follow your manufacturer`s manual.

You can also go online and find articles or even join photography forums where people are discussing about photography. There you will learn how to operate your camera well enough.

For photographers providing wedding reception photography Washington DC services, there first priority is ensuring that they make the most out of their cameras. You should also consider working with experienced photographers so that you can learn from them

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