Considering a Sun Room Addition in San Antonio

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Home & Garden

If you are considering a sun room addition in San Antonio, you have plenty of options. Will you want a covered, screened-in patio or a four-season porch area? What will you look for in roofing options? How much do you want to spend? Answer the following questions to help your contractor come up with an accurate estimate for this exciting home remodeling project.

How Much Protection Do You Want from the Elements?

The basic screened-in patio has a roof and four walls made of floor to ceiling screen. The room could have rudimentary protection from the outdoor, and just be a place to hang out with friends in an area free from bugs. The roof doesn’t even have to be attached to your home. Interlocking roof tiles are an inexpensive new option for basic outdoor seating. These somewhat temporary structures can be a wonderful introduction to adding an outdoor room addition to San Antonio properties.

Expanding on the Basic Model

Beyond this type of semi-permanent set-up are many options. You can have a roof that mimics your home’s roof closely, or one that is physically attached and built in the same style using the same materials as the top of your home. Walls can be knee-high sections of siding, faux brick or stone or metal paneling on the ground and screen up above. You can also design a full three- or four-season outdoor addition with typical walls, insulation, glass, doors and the works.

What Features Do You Want Indoors?

Inside your outdoor sun room addition, you can create the exact atmosphere you want. Many high-tech seasonal porches come with ceiling fans, skylights and fireplaces, as well as entertainment centers for enjoying with their guests. Others enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere. It isn’t rare for a sun room addition in San Antonio to merge indoor and outdoor living with a cooking station built into an outdoor wall or a small exposed patio taking advantage of the addition’s roof coverage.

Making the choice to add a room onto your home takes careful consideration of needs, budget and overall value. Choosing the right licensed remodeler to perform the job gives you the extra protection of certified skill and insurance. Finally, sticking with a design that meshes with the rest of your neighborhood determines whether it’s really worth it. Despite all the tasks involved, adding a sun room addition in San Antonio can be an adventure.

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