Contact Us About Your Rights Pursuant to Your State’s Lemon Law

When a new motor vehicle has one or more substantial mechanical defects involving quality and performance that require repeated repair trips back to the delearship, it’s commonly referred to as a lemon. Each state has its own new vehicle lemon law. Some states even have a lemon law that applies to used vehicles.

Lemon Law Issues Addressed
For purposes of making a detrmination as to whether a motor vehicle is a lemon, state laws generally look at the three factors that follow:

  • The nature and extent of the problem with the vehicle.
  • How many times repair attempts have been made.
  • The total number of days that the vehicle has been at the dealership for attempted repairs.

Consumer Remedies
The common thread running through all new car lemon law statutes is that the manufacturer must by back a vehicle with a significant mechanical defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made. In nearly all states, a similar replacement vehicle of like value can be offered to the customer.

Time Limits
State lemon laws all have time limits for when an appropriate lawsuit can be filed. Some are as short as 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. It’s highly likely that any lemon law case filed after the time limit in any state will be dismissed.

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