Creating Curb Appeal with Interlock Paving

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Landscaping

When you are looking for ways to add more curb appeal to your home in Ottawa Interlock paving and stone can be the perfect answer. Interlock has many uses and applications and can be an affordable way to add a more finished and polished look to your property.


Not everyone likes the idea of interlock driveways. However you can add a more stylish look to your driveway by adding detailing along the sides of your driveway with interlock. There are many colours and patterns you can use to create truly appealing driveways that will improve the look of your home, create interest and help make your home look well cared for. As well if you do love the look of interlock you can do your entire driveway for a modern or traditional look based on the style of your home.


Nothing makes a home look less appealing than an old cracked and crumbling pathway leading to the door. It can also make shovelling snow a little precarious as well. A lovely home in Ottawa can become far more attractive with the addition of a brand new pathway. You can look for a way to make your approach more interesting by recreating a path that is perhaps curved or that has an approach from both the garage and sidewalk.


Your home in Ottawa can get a brand new look with the addition of a front porch designed using interlock. You can use interlock to create steps and then a porch to place urns, benches and other features that will make your front door all the more welcoming. You can add even more charm with some newel posts or a more modern look with pillars or glass. The possibilities are endless. You can add a curved porch that comes out into the front yard or a porch that is more of a terraced look.

Retaining Walls

You can complete the look of your driveway or paths by adding retaining walls ideal to create height and interest. Retaining walls can add the perfect spot for landscaping details perfect for a more manicured look.

As you can see in Ottawa interlock has many excellent applications to enhance the look of your property. From simple trim at the edges of your driveway to a complete driveway redesign and paths or porches interlock will create a finished look ideal for super curb appeal. For more information, visit us

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