Deciding Between Roof Repair or Replacement

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One of the biggest challenges any homeowner faces is making major decisions about the repair and maintenance of their home. Home improvement projects are often aesthetic, but can be a mandatory undertaking when it comes to tasks such as roof repair or replacement.  When leaking water or loose shingles become a problem, homeowners can consider the following when deciding whether repair or replacement is the best option for their home.

Shingle Replacement
Storm damage or a fallen limb can dislodge shingles from your roof, causing damage that can be fixed with a simple roof repair.  Replacing shingles on your existing roof can extend the life of your roof by another ten to fifteen years, making it a quick fix that can be a simple solution to a roof damage problem.  Often, homeowners have a few spare shingles stored away from the initial roofing project, and can replace the damaged shingles through a simple, weekend DIY project.  Since mismatched shingles are unsightly and can detract from the value of your home, if matching shingles are not readily available, consider seeking the help of a roofing contractor, who can order a close match to your existing shingles and install them for considerably less than the cost of replacing the entire roof.

Partial Re-roofing
Partial re-roofing is an option that costs significantly less than replacing an entire roof.  This option is a roof repair that can be a good fit for situations where only a section of a roof has suffered damage, as opposed to the entire roof needing to be replaced.  In addition to this being a lower cost option, partial re-roofing allows for the shingles on a roof to be more easily matched than in the case of patching only a small area.  This is because the shingles can be blended in with the existing roof, making any inconsistencies in color and texture appear smooth and blended with the entire roof.

Tear-Off vs. Roof Over
If you’ve decided to completely replace your roof, you will now want to decide whether you plan to have your roof installed over the existing one, or to have your existing roof torn off and replaced completely.  While the choice often comes down to which is more inexpensive, a professional roofing contractor can walk a homeowner through which option is best in regards to building codes in their area, safety and longevity concerns and more.

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