Various floors for various sports

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The floors that are installed in high schools have to be versatile. Companies that are involved in basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL are very familiar with the different types of floors that suit various sports. Sports flooring, although it may appear to be the same, is a variety of materials and construction techniques. The flooring used for sports is a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Athletes that pursue different sports often need specific surfaces to do it on; basketball, tennis, indoor tracks, weight lifting, etc are all different due to the demands of the sport.

Sports floors are usually permanent but in many cases the floor can be lifted. The flooring in athletic clubs, arenas, college gymnasiums are usually permanent whereas sports floors that are put down in church halls and grade schools are often designed so they can be lifted and stored, reverting back to the normal floor used for daily routines.

High school and some college gyms present a unique problem to those involved in basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL. These floors must be extremely durable and easy to maintain but on the other hand they must be constructed to allow for multiple sports to be enjoyed. Most sports include walking, running, sliding and jumping and the floors that these sports are played on must be comfortable and safe. There are very special surfaces available that are a composite of a number of different materials including foam, PVC and fiberglass. The top layer provides grip as well as the ability to slide and in the event of a fall or spill, they prevent bad cases of friction burn.

Many sports organizations have strict rules regarding flooring that is needed for tournament play. The floors that are used for indoor tennis are very different than the floors used for table tennis and basketball. Basketball floors must be built to provide accurate ball bounce, great traction and shock absorption for when the players jump and land.

There are some floors which are very unique to one sport only. Floors that are used for indoor track events must be capable of withstanding spiked footwear without undue wear; the floors that are installed in stables where thorough bread horses are housed must be slip resistant and easy to clean.

Basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL is a unique flooring demand. For professional installation you are invited to contact Stewart Tennis Court & Fencing, Inc.