Services for Lawn Care in Suffolk County

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Every homeowner wants a nice yard to enjoy. Whether you live alone or you have a large family or group of friends that gather at your house for parties, backyard bar-be-cues, and other social gatherings, Lawn Care in Suffolk County is important to the safety, beauty, and value of your property. What are the services you should expect from a quality lawn care and landscaping contractor?


The most common service provided by a lawn care contractor is lawn and property maintenance. Here are the common forms of lawn maintenance.

* Weekly maintenance is performed once a week in order to keep your grass cut and your property well-groomed.

* Tree removal is done if you have a diseases, dead, nuisance, or obstructive tree on your property.

* Stump removal and/or grinding is done if you have tree stumps that may cause a safety hazard on your property.

* Tree pruning is something that is done seasonally in order to keep your trees trimmed and to promote healthy growth. Pruning for ornamental trees is done to maintain the tree’s beauty.

* Snow removal in the winter months prevents slips and falls and helps you get out of your driveway.

* Mulching is for gardens, trees, flowers, and other areas that need to maintain moisture.

* Other maintenance work can include soil testing, flea and tick control, fertilizer application, sprinkler system maintenance, thatching, pesticide application, and deep root feeding.

Landscape and Design

Landscaping is part of creating an atmosphere in your yard that suits your personality, style, and needs. Here are some landscape and design services you can expect from lawn care experts.

* Custom landscape designing

* New plantings and feature installations

* Nitescapes

* Waterfalls and ponds

* New sprinkler system installation

* Fencing

* Sod and/or grass seed

Land Clearing and Leveling

* Dry wells

* Grading

* Pool fillings

* General land clearing


If you want to go beyond standard Lawn Care in Suffolk County, you can expect these experts to provide the following services.

* Retaining walls

* Patios

* Walkways and driveways

* Built-in bar-be-cues

* Fireplaces

* Outdoor fire pits

* Poolscapes

* Pavers

These are all services that help you create a backyard and/or front yard environment you, your family, and your friends can enjoy. You have many solutions for creating your perfect lawn and yard when you work with experts. You can start with a consultation with the lawn specialists at website.