Defense Lawyer Chicago: What To Do When You Are Innocent?

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Even the most reputable prosecutors are going to make the mistake of filing charges against someone who is innocent on occasion. Regardless of why the charges were filed, a Defense Lawyer Chicago will know what you can do in order to avoid a conviction. Naturally, this makes a lot of people wonder what exactly can be done other than taking the case to court in order to avoid having to plead guilty or wait for a verdict.

Erroneous and Limited Information
When a case slides across the desk of a prosecutor who has to decide whether or not to file charges, there are times where the police report is all that is available. Most police reports are fairly limited in the amount of information they provide. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for police reports to just be wrong. Sometimes they just took a statement wrong, sometimes the witnesses lie, and sometimes the officer just makes a mistake. After all, no one is perfect. It is very possible for your lawyer to get the case throw out due to the lack of information.

Letting It Play Itself Out
There are times where the best defense is just to do absolutely nothing. It can take a prosecutor several months to realize they do not have enough evidence to charge you with anything. This could be because witnesses are changing their stories or the evidence is not credible. Then there are times where your lawyer can win the pretrial case and the case would get thrown out. The most common reason you would win a pretrial case is because evidence was illegally obtained.

A lawyer is not really an optional luxury when you’ve been charged with a criminal offense. Whether you are innocent or guilty, a lawyer is the only person who is going to fight for your side of the case. Obviously, you really want a lawyer if you are innocent. However, not hiring one because you are guilty is a huge mistake. You can Visit Site of John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. & Associates in order to learn more about criminal defense and felony lawyers.