Dental Care Tips From the Dentist in Rockland County NY

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Most people fully understand the importance of taking care of their oral health. Being proactive in the care you provide your teeth and gums can help to prevent cavities and gum disease, both of which can cause major damage to your smile. Not only is it important for you to brush and floss each day, but you also need to take other measures to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. This information, provided by the Dentist Rockland County NY, can help you to fully understand how to care for your smile, so it can stay healthy.

Information on Caring for Your Teeth and Gums

  • The Dentist Rockland County NY recommends patients brush their teeth at least twice a day. You should always brush using gentle strokes and never brush in vertical motions, as this can push plaque under your gum tissue.
  • Choosing the right toothbrush is crucial for good oral health. You need to choose a soft toothbrush, so it will be gentle on your sensitive gum tissue. Medium and hard toothbrushes should be reserved for cleaning dentures.
  • The Dentist Rockland County NY tells patients to carefully choose the toothpaste they use. Many whitening toothpastes contain silica and can scratch the enamel of your teeth. Once your enamel is damaged, there is no way to repair it. You should use an ADA recommended fluoride toothpaste that will be gentle on your teeth.
  • Eating a healthy diet is also crucial for good oral health. Dark, leafy greens are full of calcium and can make your teeth strong. It is also important to drink plenty of water and avoid sodas and other sugary drinks.
  • As a part of your oral care regime, you need to make sure you see the Dentist Rockland County NY at least twice a year. The dentist can find minor issues before they become major ones will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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