The Tire Distributor in Missouri Provides the Same Services as the Other Six Distributors Provide

by | May 23, 2014 | Parts and Accessories

These distribution warehouses enable the shipment of your order to any location at any time. All locations stock 12 major brands of tires, many wheels and the Hennessey tire equipment. Being a Tire Distributor in Missouri offers several advantages for the retail dealer.

A truck tire wholesale distributor offers many advantages. This is why many automotive businesses choose wholesalers over making direct purchases. Tire distributors cater to small and medium sized businesses enabling these to buy the tires they need in bulk, which would be nearly impossible otherwise. The truck tire distributor offers tires for an affordable price. Since distributors get their tires direct from manufacturers, they are consistently informed about new products, special purchase options and sales. The distributor can offer pricing which enables the local retail tire dealer to be very competitive.

Missouri Tire Distributor
is one of six wholesale tire distributors which are part of a distributor network. The six locations for distributor centers serving the Midwest are 2 locations in Kentucky, 2 in Illinois and 2 in Indiana with sales and delivery service in Missouri.

Buying wholesale from a distributor who deals directly with the manufacturer ensures their customers are getting first line quality products. If for any reason, the manufacturer has to recall a tire, they have only a short distance to go to find the tires and alert the retail customer. Generally, the distributor is in contact with the manufacturer and is aware of every issue and the great new features which will be of interest to the retail customer.

A direct relationship with the tire manufacturer provides many advantages for the wholesaler and then the retailer. The manufacturer will occasionally offer sales on tires and this information will be communicated to the wholesale distributor. This gives the distributor the opportunity to pass along the specials and any sales incentives.

The Missouri truck tire distribution service can supply tires and wheels for light, medium, passenger trucks, commercial, trucks and SUVs. The Distributors offer a multiple selection of tires, wheels, and other tire parts. The well known brands are all carried: Firestone, Yokohama, Cooper, Toyo, General Tire, Pro Comp Tires, and several other well known brands.

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