Help Your Employees Stay Organized With Retractable Badge Holders

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There is nothing worse than spending money to install card key locks or scanners to allow instant access to buildings or rooms by employees only to have the necessary identification constantly go missing. This is a common complaint when small or large businesses try to move towards the use of technology. The answer to the problem is to provide employees with retractable badge holders that can easily accommodate that ID or key card.

Belt Clips are Mandatory

One of the best options in retractable badge holders is the metal belt clip. This is a simple slide over clip that allow the badge holder to be firmly attached to any piece of clothing or an accessory with an edge. Like a cell phone case it can slide over a belt or over the waist of a pair of pants, jeans or a skirt. These belt clips can also slide over a compartment in a briefcase, portfolio or a purse of out of sight storage that stays safe and secure.

Another consideration for labs and medical facilities is that these belt clip designs are perfect for use with the larger smock pockets or breast pockets on lab coats and nurse’s uniforms.

Retractable Cord

With a variety of different lengths of retractable nylon cords available these badge holders are ideal for a variety of uses. The retractable badge holders don’t have to be unclipped, the badge or badge holder can simply be pulled out, allowing ID to be displayed or key cards to be used and then allowed to roll back up. When the item is never off the clothing there is less chance that the cards will be left behind, a real potential safety feature that increases security.

Branding Options

With top retractable badge holders you can fully customize the look. This means that you can select colors, logos and graphics that can make your badges clearly identifiable as yours. With fully only design options offered by top companies your order can be quickly and efficiently produced, all you need to do is make your selections, review, and place the order.

Retractable badge holders are a great idea for any company that requires employees to present ID, use key cards or simply be identified as being an employee. They are secure, practical and a great way to help employees stay organized at all times.