Dental Implants in Arlington, TX Are Durable Tooth Root Replacments

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Do you need to replace one or more of your natural teeth? If so, talk to a qualified dentist like the professionals at Arlington Family Dentistry about Dental Implants in Arlington, TX. These tooth root replacements are a smart way to fill in the missing gaps created when natural teeth are lost. When there is a tooth missing from the rows of teeth in the mandibular or maxillary arches, the surrounding bones shift positions. This can result in teeth that are harder to clean and problems eating, talking, and drinking. To rectify this problem, many dental patients get a dental device that is surgically implanted into the root area where a natural tooth once was.

Dental Implants in Arlington, TX are a practical way to make use of the support system provided by the jaw bone. By forming a durable foundation for tooth replacements such as crowns and bridges, a dental patient can restore integrity to his mouth. Dental implants are made from various materials including titanium. titanium alloy, and ceramics. The part of the dental implant that makes contact with the jaw bone will hopefully bond with the living bone. This process is called osseointegration. If the body is able to accept this foreign object like it would a natural bone, a sturdy support system will be in place.

The part of the dental implant not in contact with the jaw bone is attached to an abutment. This connector is also attached to prosthetic tooth on the other end. Inserting a dental implant can be performed by a competent and trustworthy dental professional such as a dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon. After the anchor part of the dental implant is surgically installed into its position, it will take from 3 to six months for the jaw bone to grow around the implant.

Only after a dental provider has determined the success of the anchor of the dental implant bonding with the bone around it will he put an artificial tooth onto the dental device. A person with healthy teeth and gums is a viable candidate for this dental treatment. Talk to your dental provider today. You can also visit website for more details.