Stump Grinding in Bellingham, WA Helps Trees Give New Life To Other Foliage

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Trees are a majestic addition to any landscape, providing a screen from cold air as well as shade from the sun. They help lower heating and cooling costs and provide countless years of growing and changing beauty. A certain amount of care and maintenance is required, though, in order to reap the optimum benefits of a tree lined yard and ensure your trees are as healthy as possible.

While light trimming and removal of dead branches is safe year round, many trees need to be pruned twice each year. During the winter months, just before the weather begins to warms up, a thorough pruning will provide additional growth. Late summer pruning helps eliminate any unsightly branches that were not so obvious before the leaves and flowers began to grow.

You should have your trees inspected at the time of pruning to ensure they have not been infested by harmful insects or diseases. Doing so can help catch any arboreal illnesses early enough to possibly save the afflicted tree. If beyond saving, it will need to be cut down and hauled away, which will help keep your family and property safe, as well as other trees in the area.

Storms can damage trees; in some cases, a broken branch may simply need to be removed, but the entire tree may need to be cut down and disposed of. Some of your trees may need to be removed to allow other foliage to receive adequate sunlight for healthy growth. You may simply decide to clear away a few trees for building or landscaping purposes.

Once your trees have been cut down, they can be hauled away or chopped up and re-purposed as firewood; however, the stump will still remain. If left in place, the stump becomes a nuisance and can attract termites and other unwanted pests. Stump grinding in Bellingham, WA is an effective and practical way to remove the stump left behind.

During this process, a powerful machine disintegrates the stump, leaving only fine wood chips. After Stump grinding in Bellingham, WA, you may choose to use these chips as mulch for your flowers and shrubs, allowing the remnants of your trees to help complete the circle of life for other foliage. Any inspections, pruning, cutting and stump grinding should be left to professionals like those at Rawls Tree Service in Bellingham, WA. This will help guarantee your safety as well as that of your trees.