Dental Implants: The Basics

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You may have several reasons why you need to visit a Fall River dentist. You may require a simple check-up. You may also have a tooth that needs special treatment. You may also be looking for a means of replacing a tooth that is permanently gone. It may be the result of a trauma to the face or jaw. It may also be what is left over after the extraction of a bad tooth. Whatever the reason, your dentist may recommend dental implants.

What Are Implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacements. They consist of small metal posts acting as the root and an artificial tooth. The metal posts are there to act as an anchor for the actual tooth, although they may play the same role for the affixing of bridges or dentures.

Your Dentist and Choosing Dental Implants

Dental implants are not the only possible choice for replacing lost, traumatized or removed teeth. In some instances the dentist will recommend bridges or even dentures. However, a dentist will state his professional preference for implants in the following situations:

*  If you need to replace one tooth without affecting any other nearby teeth

*  If it is more aesthetically pleasing or more viable than a partial denture

*  If you need to provide support for a bridge

*  If the best dental solution is implant dentures

It is possible that local dentists in Fall River may name other possible reasons for preferring dental implants.

When Dentists Do NOT Recommend Dental Implants

Your dentist may also choose not to recommend dental implants as the best solution to your dental problem. In general, a dental professional may not recommend implants for sake of your health. He will reject the idea if you

*  Have uncontrolled diabetes

*  Have runaway gum disease

*  Are suffering from cancer

*  Are currently being given radiation treatment for to the jaw

The reasons for denial are simple. The jaw bones will not be able to retain the metal posts to support the implants.

In your search to replace lost teeth, you may have come to the conclusion that dental implants are the solution. In fact, they may well prove to be. Your current state of health, however, may not permit this. A Fall River dentist may refuse to do so out of concerns for the ability of your jaws to retain the implants. If this is the case, talk to him or her about the other possible solutions.

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