Dentist Who Offers Teeth Whitening in Cliffwood Talks About Tooth Stains

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Are you tired of going around people, being embarrassed to smile because of dingy teeth? Do you feel like everyone is staring at you every time you open your mouth? You don’t have to carry this burden any longer. If you are in New Jersey, Allied Dental of Old Bridge in Palin, New Jersey can help you. They do Teeth Whitening in Cliffwood, New Jersey and want to help you identify why your teeth may be staining in the first place.

There are many causes of tooth stains, and a lot of them may be beyond your ability to control. There are extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. The former comes from particles that you eat, drink or smoke getting stuck in the film that covers the tooth enamel. Whitening agents like certain kinds of toothpaste, rinses or strips may be able to control these types of stains, along with routine oral care. The latter kind is more difficult as the stains build up below the surface of the tooth or in the enamel. Certain sicknesses, medical conditions or uses of some medications, genetics or aging can cause some teeth staining that cannot be helped. Only careful observations and treatments by a qualified dental caregiver will be able to tell you for sure.

Allied Dental of Old Bridge is qualified to do Teeth Whitening in Cliffwood, New Jersey and tell you how to keep your pearly whites their whitest. They offer cosmetic dentistry solutions which include veneers, bonding, and a complete dental makeover as well as teeth whitening. They provide Invisalign, which is modern dental technology that offers a replacement for braces.

Allied Dental of Old Bridge has emergency dental services which include chipped teeth, emergency extractions, root canals and denture repairs. They do Dental Implants which involve dentures and denture stabilizations, single and/or multiple teeth replacements and fixed bridges. They will see patients in Cliffwood, Matawan, Keasbey, Parlin, Old Bridge, South Amboy, Perth Amboy, South River and Sayreville, New Jersey. When you are looking to improve your Teeth Whitening in Cliffwood, New Jersey, contact Allied Dental of Old Bridge in person or by browsing their website Domain.