Different Kinds Of Roofing Shingles

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Roofers in Moore are accustomed to installing various styles of shingles which meet the specifications laid down by architects and homeowners. The objective is to build a roof that can stand up for years against the elements and accent the home it is constructed on. As there are many different styles of homes, there are usually shingles which are the ideal complement to the design and roofers in Moore are happy to work closely with their clients to ensure that the right choice in shingles is being made. Regardless of whether the roof is going on a brand new home under construction or whether the roof is being rebuilt, the proper choice of shingles will add value and beauty to the house.

The most widely used shingle is called a composition shingle, these are manufactured from a fiberglass base with an asphalt overlay which in turn is imbedded with colored minerals. Although fiberglass is the most common base material, there are other materials available if you have any concerns with fiberglass. These shingles are popular because they are the most inexpensive of all roofing materials but they retain excellent weather resistance, they are fire resistant and they are available in a host of colors, at least one of which will add beauty to the home.

If one wishes to have a roofing material which is all natural the two predominate choices are cedar and slate. Both of these materials require considerably more work when installing as there is a lot of cutting to size required. Although slate and cedar are very elegant roofing materials, the difficulty in producing them is reflected in the cost. Although these materials are costly they do have advantages, they both last considerably longer than a composite shingle, they are resistant to insect infestation and the slate is impervious to fire. As slate roofs require a much heavier support structure these roofs are less likely to give way under a heavy snow load.

Regardless of the type of shingles that are eventually chosen, it is important that whether the roof is going on a brand new home or an older home is being re-roofed that licensed roofers in Moore be hired to do the work. A professional roofer can insure that the roof will be installed correctly and will last many years.