Why a Criminal Defense Attorney Would Use a Polygraph Test

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Any time their client is truly innocent, Criminal Defense Attorneys Burlington will not hesitate to use a polygraph test to help defend their case. Criminal attorneys can use polygraph tests to completely exonerate their clients in some cases. This is because the results of a polygraph test would give the attorney the opportunity to show the prosecutor they might be wrong instead of just telling them.

A polygraph, more commonly referred to as a lie detector, is a device that measures an individual’s pulse, blood pressure, and breathing while they are answering questions. The theory behind this kind of test is that the human body naturally responds a certain way when a person is lying. Whether or not a polygraph is going to be enough to get a client’s case dropped really depends on the judge, jury, and/or prosecutor. The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people who feel that this kind of device does not have enough scientific evidence to prove that it can detect when a person is telling the truth and lying 100 percent of the time. The other reason why this kind of test might not be entered into a person’s case is because there is a lot of information available on the Internet about how to fake or cheat a polygraph test. This just means that there is always room for doubt on whether or not the results are accurate.

The reason why polygraph results can still be a powerful tool in a criminal case is because the role of a criminal defense attorney is not to prove that their client is innocent. They just have to provide doubt. The prosecutor has to prove without a shadow of a doubt that someone is guilty of a crime before they can be convicted of it.

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