Hiring A Guardianship Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK To Protect The Interests Of A Child

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With a guardianship attorney Oklahoma City, OK, you can acquire legal guardianship of a minor family member after the death of the parent. However, in cases, where the biological parent is deemed unfit due to alcohol, drugs, or child abuse, you may fight for guardianship to protect the interests of the child. In these cases, you are required to follow the necessary procedures to ensure that you may acquire custody in the first place. Your attorney can guide you through this process and help you become the legal guardian to protect the child in question.

Acquiring Legal Guardianship of a Minor Family Member

If you suspect that a minor child within your family is being abused or is at risk, you should contact a family law attorney immediately. The first step within this process is to contact social services who will launch an investigation of this claim. During the course of this investigation, you may file a motion in court to acquire temporary custody. This is the first step in achieving legal guardianship.

Local Attorney

Attorney Maria Tully Erbar provides you with effective legal services in the areas of family law, estate planning, and civil litigation. In terms of family law, this attorney can assist you in venturing into the process necessary to become a legal guardian of a minor child within your family. This attorney can assist you whenever a biological parent is abusive or otherwise incapable of providing a safe environment for this child. She will help you to protect the interests of this child by fight for his or her rights in court. If you need assistance in these matters contact this attorney at her local office for further details.


Your preferred guardianship attorney Oklahoma City, OK affords you with options in terms of becoming a legal guardian. In cases where a child is at risk it is necessary for you to file a report with social services to launch an investigation. When you contact this agency, you can file for temporary custody of the child through your attorney. This motion allows for enough time to build a case against the biological parent who is placing the child at risk. Once the biological parent is deemed unfit, you may file to acquire legal guardianship of this child.