Disability Claim Success With An Attorney In Chicago

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If a person suffers from a debilitating illness or is injured due to a vehicle accident, a work related mishap, a slip and fall scenario or another type of situation, he may be considered disabled. The disability may be short term, lasting only a few weeks or months, or it may be permanent. Based on the nature and degree of the disability, the injured person may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.

Determining eligibility is a complicated process. Many who file a disability claim without assistance from a Social Security Attorney in Redding, CA are initially denied benefits. An attorney can help the injured person gather all relevant information and successfully file his claim.

The Social Security Administration considers a number of factors when determining eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance. They look at whether or not the person in question is currently working as well as the amount of income the applicant is able to earn. A monthly income of $1,040 per month renders a person ineligible for disability. The applicant will also be asked if he is able to perform any other type of job.

The Administration inquires about the severity of an illness or injury as well. In order to be called severe, the person’s condition must interfere with his ability to perform his current job or any other available jobs he may be qualified for. If the applicant is unable to work, he may be qualified to receive benefits.

The Social Security Administration also compares the applicant’s condition to a predetermined list of conditions. If the applicant suffers from ALS, pancreatic cancer, acute leukemia or another illness among those on the list, the person is automatically eligible for Social Security Attorney. If the applicant’s condition does not appear on the list, the Administration will compare its symptoms and severity to those that do.

Social Security and disability attorneys can assist a person who is injured or suffering from a disabling illness with filing a disability claim. If the applicant has already been denied, the attorney can help with the appeals process and increase the applicant’s chances of future success.