Super Drainage Systems in Wakefield, MA Have Several Advantages

 There are all kinds of small places in a basement where water can get in. It can come in through tiny cracks in the floor, small cracks around windows or window wells, through cracks in the wall, small holes where tie rods are, tiny spaces around water pipes, between mortar joints, from up around the sump pump well, from up around the floor drain, between the wall joint and the floor, and from over the top of the foundation wall.

When you have water coming in between the floor and the wall joint, drainage systems Wakefield MA outside the foundation can help prevent water from coming into the basement. The PERMA-DRY system is an exterior draining system that has several advantages over the typical drain tile system. For one, it is guaranteed. While a typical drain tile system doesn’t allow for radon gas to be safely filtered, this system does. That is much safer for the home’s occupants. If you’re thinking of selling your home, buyers may want to have the home tested for radon before they will put in an offer.

PERMA-DRY drainage systems Wakefield MA save money on landscaping bills. Traditional drain tile systems require excavation in the yard, but this system does not require that. This system also holds together and has strength. Other drain tile falls apart and allows sediment to back up. Any type of clog in the drain tile system means more money to dig through up to eight feet of soil to find the source and clear it. The PERMA-DRY system can be examined from outside and doesn’t require the time and expense to locate a problem.

PERMA-DRY drainage systems Wakefield MA don’t use excavated soil for filtration; they use stones. This eliminates the possibility of sediment getting backed up and clogged. That’s what makes the system guaranteed. It protects the drains. Another benefit is that it can be installed at any time of year, not matter what the weather is. You can protect your most expensive investment, your home, at any time, with a system that is safe from radon and guaranteed to work.